The website platform dilemma: 7 reasons why I ditched Wordpress and chose Squarespace for my blog

With Wordpress you have to faff about for like a million years on themes and trying to set up a widget and all this BS that doesn’t matter because the only thing I care about is the words on your page. The only thing you should care about is what the hell am I writing about and who am I writing for.
— Podcast Episode 65 The Fizzle Show

It's so hard to decide on the platform to host your website or blog

Recently I made a decision that got me started doing what I wanted to do.  I signed up with Squarespace. 

I'd been delaying beginning a blog for over a year.  

Why? Because I'd been struggling with Wordpress.

I wanted Wordpress because everyone had told me it was the only way to go.

Unfortunately things didn't work out for me and Wordpress.

And you know what?  I may be going against popular opinion,  but ditching Wordpress was best decision I've made.  It got me started doing what really matters.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not out to bag Wordpress.  I can't.   I owned it for just on a year. But sadly,  I never actually got started.

On my Squarespace bike. Not Wordpress

My Wordpress Background.

 I bought Wordpress a year ago after researching 'the best website tool for a blog'.  I was so excited to find articles and reputable bloggers all recommending Wordpress.  

My research found that the combo of Wordpress, Bluetooth and Genesis was THE only way to go.

The stars were aligned.  I bought them all.

So what went wrong with Wordpress?  Why did I choose Sparespace instead?

1. It was all too hard to get started on Wordpress

Did I have outrageous success with Wordpress?    Nope.  I just couldn't figure out how to get it all going.

I'm not technophobic.   I'm just not a techie.

Yes, there are installation videos and and 'how to' lists on the web. But they gave me a headache trying make sense of Wordpress.  It was just all too hard.  

I admit, all the reviews say Wordpress is simple to use.  But it wasn't simple for me.

2. I needed to pay for a techie to help me get Wordpress started.

I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to need to call in help.  My husband can normally lend a hand but I just couldn't do it to him.  

I figured I'd need to hire a techie.  A Wordpress techie.

I'm sure if I'd taken that step I'd be motoring along nicely now with Wordpress.  

But you know what?  I just didn't have the time to find the right person.  

More importantly,  I had zero budget to pay someone to set me up.  

3. The Squarespace free trial is brilliant (and they gave me a 7 day extension)

So after realising I had done nothing for a whole year I decided to go back to basics.  I remember someone mentioning Squarespace and I started to research again.  

I found some awesome reviews on Squarespace (see resources below) and got started on the free trial. 

Once I got started I was hooked.  

I loved that I could spend a week playing around with Squarespace.  I'd never tried to build a website before and it really didn't take me long to get a feel for it.

I suppose I'd compare learning Squarespace to learning any other software package.  Powerpoint is a good comparison.  You slowly discover new functionality and once you've done something once it's a cinch to repeat it later.

At the end of my 7 days I hadn't committed.   At the time I had a lot going on and I hadn't had an opportunity to test it fully.

  Squarespace extended the free trial for another 7 days.  The extension gave me even more time to decide.

4.  I love beautiful things. Squarespace is beautiful.

I like to keep things around me simple without unnecessary stuff.  

The things I have - I love. If I don't like it, if it annoys me, if it's not easy to look at - out it goes.   

If you like things well designed, simple, functional and beautiful Squarespace is for you.

No matter which template you pick it's not possible to make a bad choice.  

And if you pick a template you don't like, you easily switch.

5. Squarespace doesn't overwhelm you with choice - a perfect range of stylish templates.  

I was bamboozled by choice when I looked at Wordpress templates.  Period.

While it's still a difficult choice with Squarespace it's certainly a much easier road.  

I must admit I spent a long time deciding on the template I wanted to use.  Different templates work better for different websites.  

I use the Five Template. It has a lot of flexibility for a blogger.

6. I got started on Squarespace in an hour

This is huge. This got me doing what I wanted to do. 

On day one of my trial I completed blog post. Far out, it was so easy.  It may not be the best piece of writing  but it was a cinch to format and publish.

No code.  No techie bits.  

When you can't work out how to do something (like add a photo) or manage a bullet point,  with a bit of playing around it's easy to work it out.

7.  Squarespace has templates that are mobile ready

Statistics vary but around 50% of websites are downloaded on mobile devices. 

That means your website needs to look good on a tablet or a phone.

Squarespace templates are programmed to look good on mobile devices.

While you are in editing mode on your laptop or PC you can see in seconds, with just one click, how the page you are working on would look on a device.

So easy.  

I'm happy.  I love that I have chosen Squarespace

I've officially removed all traces of Wordpress from my computer.   I've forgotten about it. Maybe one day when I start pulling in the bucks from my blog,  I'll move to Wordpress!  But, somehow I can't seem to see that happening.

Not a techie, need a blog or a website and just want to get started?  

Squarespace gets my vote.  

You've got nothing to lose for giving it a try. 

And it may just may be the choice that gets you started doing your thing.


Resources to help with your Squarespace decision

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Question:  Are you having trouble choosing a platform for your blog or website?  Will you be doing it yourself or hiring help?   Leave your comment below.