One reason people who spend a lot of time thinking about and working on a problem or a craft seem to find breakthroughs more often than everyone else is that they’ve failed more often than everyone else.
— Seth Godin's Blog - Stumbling Your Way To Greatness, November 2014

Now I have to say that many of the folk on my wishlist would be graded in the first grade team when it comes to successfully doing what matters.  And, to be honest I'm a little starstuck by a good sized handful of them.

But in the interests of TOWM I'm going to work my hardest to connect with each of them in the future so I can share their stories with you.


Sarah Korhnak & Beth-Anne Schwamberger of Brilliant Business Moms

You'll also find these super friendly mom entrepreneurs on my Resources Page. They are a go-to source of inspiration and information for me.  Together they've built a successful business while having very small children.  Two businesses in fact.  Their Brilliant Business Moms Blog  & their Etsy shop.   I'd love to hear more about how they've managed to do so much, so fast.  And about why and how they've chosen to do work that matters. 

Jeff Goins - Writer, Podcaster, Entrepreneur    @JeffGoins

Of course Jeff is on my list.  And even thought I've never met him I feel like I've known him for years.  TOWM  wouldn't be happening without Jeff's influence.  

Through his podcast series, his book The Art of Work and his courses on Intentional Blogging, The Art of Work and Tribewriters I've learnt more in a few short months than I would have if I'd done a university degree!

I'd love to talk to Jeff about how his book the Art of Work can help the TOWM community find their 'calling'.  Jeff  is also a husband and father and I'm positive his experiences of combining work that matters and family will be invaluable for you.

Gretchen Rubin - Author, Podcaster    @gretchenrubin

Gretchin kicked my butt with a couple of things she said in one of her podcasts particularly on the use of loopholes.  Listening to her got me interested in her books - books that have sold over 2 million copies.  She's a lawyer turned writer and a mother of 2 girls.  

Gretchen is pretty big time - she's even done a TEDx talk.  Gretchen writes about happiness,  making your life better than before & hosts a podcast series with her sister.   One day I hope to profile or interview Gretchen to hear her talk about what urged her to change direction & do what matters and why she's glad she made the change.

Justine Ulph - Founder Victory Gardens   @VictoryGardenAU

Justine is a small parcel of bubbly energy.  A friend introduced me to Justine around 10 years ago at local beach where new mums tend to meet.  At that very first meeting  she wowed me with her PR knowledge and her generosity to help.  While she may not remember it, she gave me some spot on advice to help my local business.  Since then our paths have crossed frequently.

Justine is now using her accumulated wealth of corporate experience to do what matters.   She's formed  with a small team of family & friends to bring life into her local city with edible gardens.  It's an ambitious venture but if someone can do it, it's Justine.   As a mother of 3 children she's taken a remarkable leap away from secure employment to do work that will make a difference.  Justine if you can hear me,  I cannot wait to share your story with the TOWM community. 

Nuatali Nelmes - Mother & Lord Mayor   @Nuatali_Nelmes

Nuatali is a woman I'd love to hear more from.  Yes, she's the Mayor of the city where I live but it's not the politics I'm interested in.  Regardless of which polictical party she represents Nuatali is clearly passionate about her work.  In everything she does you can see it matters to her. A devoted mother to three small children she is also totally committed to her role as Mayor.  You can see the evidence of this on her Twitter & Facebook channels that she uses to connect with her community.

I'd love Nuatali to discuss what drives her to do work that matters, what sacrifices she's made & what advice she has for people considering pursuing what matters in their life after kids.

Lucy Perry - Rule Breaker, Idea Maker, Communicator    @LucyPerryCEO

Boom! is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Lucy Perry.  Her webpage says it all.  I first stumbled across Lucy after my book group read The Hospital By the River.  And boy, is she a force to be reckoned with.  Lucy made a transition from 20 years in creative services to building & leading a team that raised $7mil for the Hamlin Fistula Organisation.  

After a bit of a rocky chapter she's now moved on and is charging forward as a Speaker and consultant to charitable organisations.  She completely rocks her Twitter & Facebook social media channels. I'd absolutely love to talk to Lucy about what techniques she's employed to protect herself from her critics & who has inspired her along the way. And I have loads of questions I'd like to ask her about using social media to promote a business or a cause.

Brooke McClary from Slow Your Home   @SlowYourHome

I first heard Brooke being interviewed a couple of years ago on a Smart & Simple Matters podcast with Joel Zaslofsky. I was blown away that this woman from the alternative & beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia had been able to land a guest interview gig on this really popular show.  I immediately started following her.  

Brooke stepped away from a hectic career to slow down and pursue a different path.  Her story almost had me in tears the first time I read it. Her blogging led to bigger things and she's now written a book and launched a podcast.  Brooke has used the bumps to bring her new and meaningful opportunities. She's also used online communties like Fizzle to keep her going.   I have a million questions I'd love to ask Brooke! 

Amy Porterfield - Social Media Strategy Consultant    @AmyPorterfield

I've listened to Amy in the car, at the gym and while I've cooked dinner.  In my mind Amy is a bit of an internet superstar.  Amy has carved out an amazing online business teaching entrepreneurs how to navigate the world of social media.  

But Amy isn't just about the practical how to stuff.  Her podcasts also give amazing advice on entrepreneurial attitude.  If I want to listen to a podcast packed with both information and motivational ideas,  I listen to Amy.  

Amy had a purposeful goal to work for herself - to move away from working for others.  She has well and truly done that while at the same time having a family.  I'd love to interview her - she has an endless supply of advice for everyone at TOWM.

Joshua Becker - Blogger & Author at Becoming Minimalist    @joshua_becker

Joshua's story of minimalism began when he had a complete mind shift  in 2008 after cleaning out his garage. Instead of playing with his son he was organising stuff he hardly ever used.  It's a story I heard on episode 22 of the Value of Simple podcast and it's a story I connected with.  It's almost impossible not to be inspired towards owning less & simplifying your life once you've listened to him speak or read his blog or books

Joshua is huge in the world of simple living & minimalism.  However this success has not happened overnight.  It would be massive to interview Joshua in the future to learn from his incredible focus to do what matters. 

Scott Fry - CEO Loving Earth

Tracey Baily Founder of Biome Eco Stores

Tracey wanted to change course back in 2003 and boy did she do it.  Her online store Biome always comes to mind when I'm looking for eco friendly gifts & supplies (I'm mad about her lunchbox range!).  After 10 years in PR Tracey wanted to direct her energies into something that would help preserve the planet.  Tracey acted on the fire in her belly and Biome was born.  Tracey has come a long way from her early days with one small retail space.  Biome now has a huge online store, 4 retail outlets and a educational blog .  Tracey has intentionally created work that matters.

Annette Francis - Gaia Organic Cotton 

Annette is a rocking example of someone who has changed the way they work after having children.  Pre-children Annette was in fashion design.  While she's stayed in the rag trade, Annette made a conscious decision to change direction.  She noticed a gap in the market and formed her own business designing high quality organic cotton baby wear following the birth of her children.   I first met Annette through my mothers group and all my kids wore her range. Annette has faced many hurdles in her business and the TOWM community would learn a lot from her modest nature and engaging soft personality.

Danielle Carney Peel - HR Collaboration & Mediation 

Danielle is one focussed and determined woman.  She's also a fabulous role model for those who may be disillusioned within a corporate environment struggling to find balance after having children.  Danielle now runs her own business from a home studio office after consciously stepping away from the corporate environment.  

What makes Dani's story so valuable to the TOWM community is that she's continued with her pre-child work but has tailored it to suit her life.  She still works in her field of Human Resources & Employee Relastions but now does it on her own terms with a family first attitude.  I'm keen to learn more from her about  building a business, employing a team, productivity tools (like using an au pair)  & her commitment to schedule regular holidays with her family.

Angela Hailey & Suzy Manning of Studio Melt 

This is a tale of 2 down to earth jewellery making mums who met while their first children were in kindergarten.  Both have layered backstories.  Angela took a bold step into the arts after becoming burnt out in the world of corporate marketing.  Suzy's is a mix of tales from teaching english as a second languge, high school teaching, adult education & surfing.

Together they are now successful entrepreneurs.  Their portfolio  includes a retail shopfront , an online store (from which I want everything) & workshops.  The retail space & online store showcase sustainable goods,  local art, homewares clothing & jewellery.   They've come miles form their garage workshops & local market days.  How have they done it? What advice can they give others on growing a business, Etsy, online shopping & being in a partnership?

Justine Gaudry of The Olive Tree Markets    @_theolivetree

Justine is a woman who's had hurdle after hurdle after choosing to do what matters.  But in saying that she is forever determined and finding a new solution.  Justine runs a wildy successful arts market that she founded with friends over 5 years ago.  Justine saw an opportunity when she came to a city brimming with creative people without an outlet for their work. The Olive Tree Markets have not only increased exposure for local creatives, they have also brought life, colour and interest to her city. Everything about Justine's work adds value to others.   I'd love her to talk to others about how she's overcome her hurdles and what sacrifices she's made to do work that matters. 

Kate Weiss from Table of Plenty

It's impossible not to be moved and inspired by Kate's story. She's turned a devasting blow into an opportunity to help both others and her family and at the  same time she's created a successful business. Kate's daughter was born with a rare genetic disease. I can't do justice to Kate's story in a couple of paragraphs so I encourage you to read about her bravery yourself - the quote she finishes with in her bio is something I now have on my fridge.  

Kate couldn't cope with the return to her pressured pre-child job and instead created her own healthy food line.  The business now supports her family and allows her to raise awareness for causes that matter to her.  In the face of adversity Kate has found opportunity.  All of us in our life after kids have things to learn from Kate.

Lenore Skenazy Author, TV Host, Public Speaker @FreeRangeKids

Now if I had to pick give out a bravery award it would be to Lenore.  Whoa! has she tackled a biggy.  She is desperately hated by many particularly in the States.   For those of you that don't know her you might remember the news story from 2008 when she let her then 9  year old ride the New York subway home - on his own. It caused a huge stir and ended up with her being interviewed about it on The Today Show.

Her book is without a doubt in my top 3 parenting books.  She has shaped my parenting in a big way.  Lenore was the kick I needed to loosen the leash on my kids.  She gave me the confidence to let them walk to school, get the bus and play at the park on their own just like I did as a child.   The crime stats she presents are a must read for every parent.  While you may not agree with her ideas you'd be hard pressed not be inspired by her deternination to speak out about something that deeply matters to her.  Lenore I'd love to have you over for dinner!

Stacey Corrin - Minimal Wordpress Designs  @SCorrinBlog

It was a guest post on Problogger that made me look up Stacey.  I loved the article, I related to her story and I wanted to know more about her.   By reading her articles I've learnt that Stacey has intentionally created a life that enables her to work and be a hands on mother to her 3 children.  She creatively weaves together web design, & consultancy while blogging about her interests of design, minimalism and productivity.

Stacey focuses on simple clean Wordpress sites and her work is beautiful.  When it's time for me to scale up, it's Stacey I'll be after to do the work.  She just seems awesome and I'd love her to give some tips to the TOWM readers on everthing blogging, web design and how she does it all with her 3 'hobbit's'. 

This is just my starter list! I'll update you as it grows.  I come across people almost everyday doing what matters in their life after kids. 

Question:  Who would you like to see profiled by TOWM, I'd love your suggestions? Drop me a message on my Facebook Page