I interview everyday people doing what matters in their life after kids.  Entrepreneurs, volunteers, bloggers & small business owners.

Right now my interviews are in article form and I actively promote them through the TOWM email list and on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.  

If you'd like to be considered, here is the criteria I use to make selections:

  • Have taken conscious steps to do what matters.  This may be on a voluntary or paid basis. 
  • Is likely to have changed direction. Either to the type of work or how they approach work
  • Pursued an uncommon path
  • Consciously taken risks or made sacrifices to make change 
  • Their bravery & unconventional approach would inspire others to make change & pursue what matters. 
  • Not had it easy.  Has worked hard to overcome the bumps along the way. 
  • Priority will be given to people who have solidified their experience over a period of time or have a well-planned launch.  
  • It is preferable that you or your cause has an online website presence and active social media accounts that can be shared with the TOWM Community.
  • Has some key recommendations for readers.  This may be for books, productivity tools/methods, podcasts & online training.  Willing to talk about their own good and bad habits.


Include a bio or a little personal background about yourself / the business owners or reference to a page that contains this information

If useful, include links to your website or cause,  Twitter & Facebook pages,  relevant blogs, articles or podcasts that you may have been featured in. 

I schedule most content in advance – I will not be able to run a story within days of receiving your submission.   All written content is strictly editorial, no one pays for a mention on this site.

Other details

To publish our interview I'll need 2 to 5 photographs.  This would include a personal shot + behind the scenes shots of you doing what matters.

Interviews are currently via email. They will be presented in article form.  

Articles will be promoted via social media and the TOWM email list.  TOWM currently has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

People interviewed may also be featured in wrap-up posts at a later date eg. How these 6 parents are pursuing what matters; Ways of overcoming your fear to pursue what you love

Sample Questions

The purpose of the interview is to share your story and to enable others to learn from your experience.  

  • Often we don't pursue something because we're scared.  Sometimes it's fear of failure or of not being good enough.  What fears have you overcome to make sure you're doing what matters ?
  • Did you have a particular a-ha moment or period of clarity that pushed you into changing direction?
  • How do you fit your 'what matters work' into your day?  What have you had to let go of ?
  • Could you have given up?  Why didn't you?
  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • Do you have any particular role models that inspire you that could benefit the TOWM community?
  • What productivity tools or methods worked for you? 
  • Have you re-trained? Study, online courses?
  • Why do you do work that matters? What pivotal moments have there been to get you to this point?
  • At the end of the day what matters to you most?
  • You can't please everyone. How do you handle this?
  • What are 2 pieces of advice you would give to people  who want to do things that matter but don't know where to start?

If you've got any questions jump over to my Facebook page to send me a message or email me direct on hello@thoughtsonwhatmatters.com

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