I'm starting a book group and I'd love you to join.  I've been really keen on being part of a book group but I haven't wanted to join something that will be too formal.  I love reading but can get a little freaked out by groups that may have more of a lean towards academic discussion.

The set up of the book group will be as follows:

  • Relaxed - not highbrow or academic
  • Be held at restaurants, cafes or pubs.  A big part of it is to have a night out and have some time out with friends.
  • Held every 6 weeks or so.
  • Midweek.  Usually on a Wednesday or a Thursday around 7pm.
  • The organiser will change for each meeting.  This will be by first name alphabetical order.  
  • This is a no pressure book group.  You are not to get stressed out if you haven't read the book.  Still come along. 

The first book 

To get the ball rolling I've chosen the first book.  It is ____________ by ____________.  Our first meeting with be on Wednesday ____ at 7pm.

I've alreda



The organiser of the book group will rotate.  The role of hte organiser will be to:

1. Reminder Text 10 Days before

Send out a reminder around 10 days prior to the scheduled book group. This will ensure people have it in their diary anbd have time to make any arrangments for children and partners.

'just a reminder book group is scheduled for _________.  I'm planning on booking _______ at _____pm.  Name  will be bringin along book selections for our next book.  Look foward to catching up'Reminder Text to 

2. Choose and book venue

3. Text confirming venue, time and next book selector

4.  Follow up non-repsonders

5. Confirm with next book selector (who will also be organiser) they have 2 to 3 books to bring along to meeting