Productivity Tools

Evernote  I'm in love with Evernote. Keeps a disorganised person organised.  My online filing cabinet.  Loads of Evernote articles coming soon because I don't know how you can do what matters without it!  Basic is free.  I pay a low annual price for the Premium version. Frequency of Use Daily x 5+

Pocket  A queue for all those articles you come across on Facebook, Twitter and while you Google.  Don't have time to read it now?  Put it in Pocket. Want to refer back to it later in seconds? Put it in Pocket. Researching for a blog post or book? Pocket.  Kids doing a project or assignment? Pocket.  Install and sync across all your devices.  Use the free version at first & upgrade later if necessary. Frequency of use: Daily x 10

Audible  There's no way I could get through as many books without audio books from Audible. You can subscribe for around $15 a month and that includes a free book.  Allows me to learn while I drive, cook, do chores, walk and wait.  I alternate between listening to audio books & podcasts.  Addicted to both. Kids can listen as well.  Awesome kids books.    Frequency of Use: Weekly x 5

Google Calendar All I can say is why haven't I been using this for the last 10 years. This has cut down confusion & arguments in our house by 80%. Changed our families life.  My husband is now all over the families comings & goings (how good is that!)  I can access the calendar from any device and so can he.  I used to be a fan of an on the wall calendar + iCal. Those days are over. Frequency of Use: Daily x 20+

Daily 2 Hour Work Block The only way I can truly pump out work.   A process I've developed after being inspired by others.  Frequency of Use: Weekly x 5

Courses & Online Communities

Fizzle  Edgy online courses for entrepreneurs & online businesses.  Use the link on this page and you'll get to try it for free for a month.   $35 a month after that.  This gives you a lot of bang for your buck. There are over 400 training modules that include high quality videos and coursework.  There's a course for virtually everything you might need to start a business delivered with a unique, upbeat style + sense of humour.  Once you join you're encouraged to join the very active online forum.  It's brilliant to support others, get advice, & network.

Intentional Blog Course This is a brilliant online course by an internet mentor of mine - Jeff Goins.  If you're planning on starting a blog or have a blog that needs some attention you have to do this course.  Jeff helps you do things like find your voice, craft content, and build your audience.  Really pro videos, workbooks & materials. Jeff is a family guy who gives so much to his audience.  You can't help but like him.

Art of Work Another course by Jeff Goins that can help you discover what you are meant to do.  If you're not ready to sign up for a course or just want a taster you may prefer to listen to the free podcast series first or read the Art of Work book.  Highly recommended.

Podcast Series 

Beyond the To-Do List   I love this show.  About productivity but with a focus on living a full life.  Totally inspiring guests and tools.  This was the first podcast series I got hooked on.  My husband loves it as well.  We've listened to loads of episodes on car trips while the kids sleep or have device time. 

Problogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog This is my new favourite blogging podcast from Australian Blogger Darren Rowse.  Bite sized episodes.  Spot on advice.

Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Made Easy  I just love listening to an Amy Porterfield podcast.  Amy's podcasts are polished and well planned.  You don't feel like you're wasting a second.  Amy is articulate, bright, happy, and so engaging.  I always have a list of tips and ideas a mile long after listening to her and her guests. 

Jeff Goins The Portfolio Life This podcast series is aimed at people who want a portfolio life.  A life of different work & personal activities all of which make you who you are. I've listened to most of them twice!

The Fizzle Show Funny, totally energetic, a mix of banter, jokes, swearing & spot on info.  Totally great series for business builders & entrepreneurs.  I always look forward to the next podcast.  

Blogging Tools

Squarespace is the platform I use for my blog. Believe me I researched and researched before I made my choice.   I tried Wordpress but I found it all too hard to get started . Squarespace got me started doing what matters - without any fuss.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog The book to get if you're keen to blog or make your blog better.  Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less credits a lot of her sucess to this book

Blog Post Headline Analyser from CoSchedule If you haven't got a good headline no one's  going to open your post.  This free tool is so good I can't believe it.  Scores your headline ideas.  You can fiddle around with loads of ideas and pick the one with the highest score.


Pilates Anytime Totally the best.   You can do classes on demand from home or your hotel if you're travelling.  Can't rave about it enough.  At $18 US a month this is a bargain for unlimited classes streamed to any of your devices.  With just a mat and a few low cost pilates accessories you can do over 900 mat classes.  I do reformer classes now I have this piece of equipment but totally not necessary.  You can trial it for free for a fortnight.

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