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All the articles on this site are connected. They'll help you look at how you can make the most of your time.  How you can do more that matters.  Productivity strategies so you'll be able to do more of what's important.  Simplification strategies to give you more mental & physical space.  Interviews about inspirational people.

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How This Website Can Help You

By giving you simple productivity strategies to create more time.  If you use them, you'll generate space to do more that matters.  To really benefit,  it's best if you're prepared to be a little flexible and open to changing the odd habit.  If you are who knows what exceptional experiences you'll add to your life?

By giving you ideas & techniques to simplify life.  You'll have more headspace and less to worry about.  And remember, simplifying life doesn't mean you need to own chickens!

To offer ideas about your own personal development   With everything going on, life gets pretty darn complicated. Your self-education can get neglected.  

I'm constantly discovering new strategies to share with you.  Often it's my readers who make suggestions.  As soon as I find something that may benefit you - I'll let you know.  Deal?

You'll learn from really wow people doing brave stuff.   These guys are genuine.  People you'd feel comfortable chatting to over coffee.  Hopefully, they'll inspire you.

My Story

You can learn more about TOWM and what motivated me to start this website here.

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I love sharing what I've learned.  The first point of call is my blog.  If you'd like more in-depth learning there are other ways you can work with me


You'll find regular interviews with brave people doing what matters in their life and work.  These people may give you ideas and inspiration for your life.

Please don't hesitate to send me your interview submissions or suggestions.    You'll find my contact details here.

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