Work with me. 

I love nothing better than sharing what I've learned with those who want to make the most of their time. People who want to increase their productivity and simplify life so they can do more that matters - from a work and personal perspective.  If that sounds like you, we need to connect.

If you haven't yet had a chance,  you can read about my the experience I can offer you in my Professional Bio.  My background is weighted towards coaching, leadership, facilitation and relationship management.  While my business model is still in development I have clarity around my key areas of focus and am available to work with you in the following areas: 

1. Guest Posting

If you like my writing style and my subject matter is a good fit you, I'd love to consider guest posting on your blog.  You can find my most popular posts on my Start Here page.  My articles tend to focus on doing what matters,  self-development, productivity, simple living and blogging. 

2. 'About' Page Review and Consultancy 

You may be surprised to learn that 'About' pages on websites are very busy.  More often than not they attract over 60% of a websites traffic.  That means it's a critical page of your site.

People will really connect with your business when they get to know the unique story behind it.  When your readers get to know, like and trust you they are more likely to join your community or consider buying your product or service in the future.  They'll also be more willing to recommend you to others.  

In researching potential people to feature on TOWM I've discovered that many people have a gap in their websites.  They aren't including their unique personality and story.  The story that sets them apart from others.  If you find this difficult or don't know where to start I can work with you to put more 'you' into this critical page. 

3. Productivity Accountability Partner

As your Productivity Accountability Partner, I can work with you to move your business forward.  I'll help you get back on track and keep you there.   And I'll let you know if you're getting distracted.

I do this simply - by helping you identify the key goals for your business and in each area of your life.  We then develop a simple 90-day plan.   Each week we'll work out a clear achievable goal in each area of your life.  And at the end of each week I'll check back on your progress.  This regular accountability loop will move you forward rapidly and keep you clearly focused on your 90-day goals.

Through our partnership you'll learn simple, yet powerful, productivity strategies to make the most of your time.  While the program will be tailored to your needs, in general, there will be a 2-hour introductory meeting (Skype, email, phone), 1-hour weekly virtual meetings and regular email and text support.     With your commitment to the process, you won't feel so overwhelmed and your business will move ahead with clarity

4. '100 At Most' Productivity Program - Workshops, Classes or One on One

Productivity strategies help focus workplaces, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. I can facilitate small group workshops for your business or as part of a conference.  I'll teach participants easy productivity strategies so they can do more with their time.  They'll be able to implement these strategies immediately without the need for expensive tools or apps.  By applying these techniques, they'll be able to do more that matters in work and in life.

If you're interested in talking to me about any of these services I'd love to hear from you.  Send me a message at or fill in my contact form.  I'll get back to you right away.